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        About Lenora


Mindfulness became part of my life over 10yrs ago to support me with lifes ups and downs and in my professional role as a nurse. After finding mindfulness so useful, I trained at Sussex Mindfulness Centre in 2015.  

Since the spring of 2016, I have been working as a Mindfulness Practitioner for City and Hackney Mind. In this role I have ran numerous mindfulness courses and introduction and tasters including:

  • Eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction / Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses. 

  • Ten week introduction to mindfulness courses as part of the Way Ahead Project  to support people unemployed to develop skills and resilience to return to work.

  • Eight and four week courses as part of a joint research project with London City University. 

  • Introduction and tasters to the Metropolitan Police, private companies, Schools and Colleges.

In the spring of 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to train and run the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for life courses to the Teachers in two schools as part of the Myriad Research Project taking place at Oxford University.

I am registered on the Mindfulness in Schools website and trained to teach specific courses for school staff, children and young adults. I have experience of running the 8 week programme for school staff and running the paws.b programme specifically designed for 7-11yr olds.

I am registered on the UK listings of Mindfulness Teachers which ensures thorough training and ongoing supervision and learning are in place. 

I am passionate about bringing mindfulness into our communities for children and adults to support our health and well-being. In particular, I am excited about the potential impact in the future this may have in our work place ,communities and our planet. 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is …”Open kindly awareness”

Edel Maex 


When we start to practise Mindfulness we start noticing how often we are not present in our daily lives.  We normally find ourselves either thinking about the past or the future.It is really important that we remember and learn from the past and plan for the future. However, sometimes we can get stuck in the past going over the same situation that can make us feel angry or sad or running over potential scenarios in the future that can lead us to become stressed and frazzled. 


Mindfulness practice can support us to notice these unhelpful patterns of the mind and enable us to bring our awareness back to the present moment. In doing this we have potential to see what is happening more clearly, have a greater awareness of our choices and be less reactive and more responsive.

Mindfulness is not a quick fix or a type of therapy. It is a process which develops through commitment and care.  It has potential to give us tools in our box to help us feel more grounded and stable at times of difficulty. Mindfulness enables us to notice the little things in our life in the present moment that can give us joy and pleasure. 


“Life is what happens while we're busy making plans.” 

John Lennon

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