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It is important when meditating to find a position that is comfortable and supportive for you, this may be sitting, lying down or standing, ideally in a place where you will be warm and undisturbed. Mindfulness meditation is about falling awake to your experience.

When meditating it can be helpful to close your eyes as this helps to minimise external distractions. If you feel more comfortable keeping your eyes open, it may be supportive softening your gaze, or if your sitting, lowering your gaze to hold a soft focus of the ground in front of you.

All my instructions are invitational, so acknowledging you have choices at all times, doing what feels right for you moment by moment ie: zoning out of instructions, returning to the breath, changing your position.

          Body Scan 

Ideally the bodyscan is practiced lying down, however it is important to find a position that is comfortable and supportive for you. As best you can letting go of expectations of how the practice should be. 

Body scan Longer version - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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Body Scan Short - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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      Breath and Body

“Use the breath as an anchor to tether your attention to the present moment.Your thinking mind will drift here and there, depending on the currents and winds moving in the mind until,at some point , the anchor line grows taunt and brings you back“.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, 

Mindfulness of Breathing - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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Breath and Body - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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      Walking Meditation


A simple way of bringing awareness into your daily life can be to practice mindful walking.This mindful meditation practice entails bringing your attention to the actual experience of walking as you are doing it.

Mindful Walking - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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Mindful Stretches


Mindful movement supports us to develop our sense of the interconnection between the mind and the body. The intention is to be aware of our bodies, thoughts and emotions in motion

Mindful Stretching - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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Three Stage Breathing             Practice

The breathing space provides a way to step out of automatic pilot or doing mode and reconnect with the present moment.

Three Stage Breathing - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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Four Stage Meditation

This practice encourages us to shine the spot light of attention on our breath, body, sounds and thoughts before expanding out to an open awareness.

4 Stage Meditation - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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The Loving Kindness 


This practice is about cultivating an intention of goodwill and friendliness to self and others.There is no particular way to feel, we do not always feel friendly or warmth to ourselves (or indeed others) so inviting gentle curiosity and care.  

Loving Kindness - Lenora Fitzpatrick
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